Infographic: Cash Flow & Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, newsflash: you think a lot about cash flow. But of course you already knew that. Right?

As a small business owner you’ve likely already played a serious game or two of ‘Find-More-Cash.’ You know, the one where you and your opponents compete via maxing out credit cards, visiting the VC circus, adventures in negotiating with term-hungry banks, even making that desperate visit home to mom hoping for just “one more small advance.” We know the players, so trust us—it’s one game you don’t want to lose.

Like all games, successful entrepreneurship boils down to three things: luck, skill, and strategy. Running a modern business requires cash. Cash you needed yesterday. Cash for payroll. Cash for that new conference table. Cash for that rockstar salesperson. Cash for happy hour at the next TechCrunch Disrupt so you can close that next big deal… You know, the usual. 

It’s not that you don’t already have money coming in—you do, but it’s just not coming fast enough. Dealing with your customers’ long payment cycles alone is enough to strangle your company’s growth options. And—as any entrepreneur who relies on big brand, digital advertising for revenue will tell you—it can take 'effin forever.

One solution lies in receivables-based financing. Specializing in both receivables-based financing AND the digital media and technology space, FastPay closes the gap from when you invoice your clients to when you get paid.

We’ve helped dozens of companies (to the tune of $50 million) with cash flow problems stemming from delayed payment cycles. Having to not worry about access to working capital when they needed it freed them up to focus on building their business, not arguing with banks to make payroll, or doing the VC dog-and-pony show. 

Gone are the days of waiting an agonizing 3-6 months for the check while still needing access to capital. Now business owners can have their cash in 48 hours. 

Learn more at or by tumbling over to our new blog. But first, check out our infographic below for smart ways to put your cash flow on cruise control. Prepare to have your mind blown (not your bank account) and remember to always follow Rule #4: Cash flow is king!

Why Cash Flow is King

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